Top 4 features of highly functional event app

The events industry is currently zeroing in on different mobile technologies such as the event promotion apps. This type of solution is used to supplement an event management software and can be downloaded to any mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. If you have been meaning to supply your attendees with an event app, the following four features should interest you:

  1. Access to Important Event Details

One of the most practical uses of an event check in app is that it gives attendees access to important event details. These details would include information such as the date and time of the event, the venue, the speakers, the sponsors, and even the attendee list among many others. This eliminates the need to print welcome packets or brochures since any information can be displayed through the app. If the app has push notifications capability, you can also make announcements to your attendees at any time before and during the event.

  1. Networking Platforms

As mentioned above, a cross platform event app may act as a supplement to a bigger event management software. If its data is integrate dusing a singular Content Management System, networking platforms from the software may also be placed in the app such as an online community or 1-2-1 solution. This will give your attendees more opportunities to network with one another and achieve their personal goals for your event.

  1. Social Media Integration

In this digital age where almost everyone has access to social media platforms, it is only natural that social media integration is added to the event app as well. The most common social media platforms that are linked to the app are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’re feeling a little bit more creative, you can ask your app developer to create a picture frame within the app so that your attendees can take pictures or selfies with your event branding and upload them to social media. To track the activity of your attendees, an app may have a live social media page where it shows all posts from different platforms containing your specific event hashtag.

  1. In-app Messaging

Last but not the least, an event app may have in-app messaging functions. As long as your attendees have access to the attendee list, they may be able to send private messages to one another. This is very helpful for one-on-one introductions before the actual event date and may also be a good way for attendees to keep in touch even when an event has ended. If the app is fully accessible even after the event has ended, its messaging function should be able to support sustained communication.